Print College Transfer Checklist

Below is a checklist regarding some of the things you should consider doing to determine the right institution for your career goals, what is needed to begin the credit transfer process, and get enrolled at a South Dakota Public Institution:

Determine Major

_______  Take a career assessment test to 
              determine your interests.

_______  Determine which programs fit with your interests.

_______  If you are unsure of a career choice, contact the institution for an appointment to discuss your options.
              See College Admissions' Offices Contact List.

_______  Academic Assessment.  Some applicants are required to complete additional entrance exams.
              Applicants who are required to complete these exams will be notified.

_______  Meet with an adviser to review the transfer of your credits and ask if there are any transfers 
              agreements available in your major.

Situate Financial Position

_______  Research financial aid options at your transfer school; contact the financial aid office to see if your current aid
              will transfer.

_______  Submit your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form and indicate your transfer school on the form;
              If already submitted, update your form to include your transfer school.

_______  Consult with the transfer school's financial aid office to transfer any financial aid you already receive and submit any
              institutional financial aid forms.

_______  Apply for a transfer scholarship at your transfer school (if applicable).

Register at a South Dakota Public Institution

_______  Complete an application. Most of the institutions have on-line application forms or a common application 
              exists for the six public 4-year institutions.

_______  Submit applications for admission, including degree program admission and housing applications.

_______  Request official transcripts (from current and previously attended schools) be sent to your transfer school.

_______  Obtain any transcripts for other types of credit, if accepted by your transfer school.

_______  Complete all necessary paperwork to apply for graduation from your current school.

_______  Finalize residence hall or other housing arrangements.

_______  Educational Transcripts. Request that your official high school/college transcripts or GED certificate be
              sent to the institution. If your high school records are listed by a different name, have that institution place
              your current name on your transcript. Students presently in high school, submit partial transcripts if you
              wish to apply for admission into a program prior to your high school graduation. It is required that a final
              transcript of grades indicating graduation date be sent to the institution. Transcripts from some online
              high schools possibly may not be accepted. An official transcript is required from each college or
              technical school if transfer credit is desired. Contact the Admission Office for further information at
              your institution of choice - Contact List.

_______  Take any necessary placement exams or proficiency tests at your transfer college.

_______  Register for classes and attend transfer or new student orientation at your transfer college.

Transfer of Credits

_______  Determine how your credits will transfer to South Dakota Public Institutions.


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